JobMed is the premiere career guide for professionals in the medical services
industry – and the only comprehensive “job search” resource designed for
professionals looking for that perfect job with their newly earned credentials.
Whether the job seeker is new to the health care industry or looking to relocate after
receiving additional certifications, JobMed will help in providing the information they
need to find the perfect match with their employer.

In one easy to read document the student/job applicant/prospective employee is
provided with guidelines for every step in the job search process.

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One doesn’t have to look far to see that the health care industry is experiencing a
shortfall of qualified staff to provide adequate services to the public – a shortfall that
appears to be increasing.  For you as a professional in the health care industry, this
means an increase in the number of jobs coming available.


Research a prospective employer before writing a cover letter so you are prepared
to customize your resume and letter toward their needs.  Researching will help you
prepare and show your interest to the employer.


In the job search, your resume is also a summary of who you are, what you have done and what
skills you possess – but it is not your life story.  

Your resume is your personal marketing brochure to entice an employer to interview you.  To
increase your odds of getting the interview, use the tips and suggestions in JobMed for creating a
more effective and powerful resume.


Everything in your job search leads up to the interview.  This is the most crucial step in the
process - prepare for it as you would for an exam.  Thorough preparation will help you to be
comfortable during the interview and demonstrate your interest to the employer.  

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